Servicing and MOT's

It is essential to keep up-to-date with regular maintenance on your vehicle.  Most manufactures recommend a service every 10,000 - 12,000 miles or once a year.  Some manufactures recommend a small, or interim, service every 6,000 miles or every alternative year. 

The EC Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 now allows you to have your car serviced at a garage of your choice without invalidating the manufactures warranty as long as good quality parts are used.  This helps to keep the cost of services down.  We will, of course, if requested, use genuine parts on your vehicle.

We always recommend when having the oil drained to have the engine oil flushed first, this removes any dirt/carbon build up in the oil ways and piston rings, it also reduces engine noise and oil consumption.  It improves compression which give the vehicle more performance.  Regular engine flushes prolong the life of your engine.

We include a fuel treatment when changing the fuel filter on your car, this cleans out the fuel system including the injectors, valves, EGR valve all the way through to cleaning the catalyst in the exhaust on the way out!  Regular fuel flushes help to keep your emissions low and can improve mpg.

We stock a range of Forte treatments and additives to help improve and clean different aspects of the running of your vehicle and can tailor make your service to include these if wanted.

Different vehicles require different parts/oil and different amounts of oil.  Below is the average costs per service based on a semi-synthetic oil and what is included. If fully synthetic oil is needed this is quoted by the job as we order it in per vehicle.  We can offer our interest free monthly payment plan to help spread the cost of maintaining your vehicle.

Please feel free to contact us to book in or for further advise and information.

Small Service

Usually around £100+VAT approx (send us your reg for an exact price) a small service take around an hour and includes: -

  • Check lights are operational
  • Check reflectors
  • Check mirrors
  • Check warning lights
  • Check number plates
  • Check horn
  • Check wipers and washers
  • Drain and replace oil
  • Fit new oil filter
  • Check for oil leaks
  • Check springs
  • Check all gaiters
  • Check all ball joints
  • Check all suspension components 
  • Check all steering components
  • Check shock absorbers
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Visual check of brakes
  • Check clutch
  • Visual check of exhaust
  • Tyres checked for depth/condition
  • Tyre pressures checked and adjusted
  • Wheels torqued
  • Check all fluid levels and top up
  • Lubricate all door hinges
  • Check and lubricate bonnet
  • Check cambelt interval
  • Service book stamped
  • Service light reset

Full Service

Usually around £180+VAT approx (send us your reg for an exact price) a full service takes around 2 hours and includes all of the small service plus the following: -

  • Road wheels removed and brakes checked thoroughly
  • Brakes adjusted, cleaned and re-lubricated if needed
  • Handbrake checked and adjusted
  • Check battery
  • Top up battery if needed
  • Check aux belt
  • Check radiator
  • Check alternator
  • Check seat belts
  • Forte engine flush
  • Forte fuel treatment
  • Fuel filter checked/replaced
  • Pollen filter checked/replaced
  • Air filter checked/replaced
  • Spark plugs checked/replaced
  • Metal brake pipes checked and greased


Class 4 M.O.T.'s are £39.95 with a free re-test within 10 working days.

We do not have an M.O.T. bay on the premises at PNP Autofix but we work with a local M.O.T. station who we trust to test our own cars.  Leave your car with us, we will take it to get tested and should your car not pass first time we will price up any work that needs doing and give you a quote.

Jordan is a fully qualified M.O.T. tester so he knows what to look out for, as part of our services we keep an eye out and advise for any work which may need doing to your car to get it through the next M.O.T.