Owen started remapping when we took over the running of PNP Autofix nearly 5 years ago.  Before remapping, Owen used to tune cars via the carburettor so has a lot of experience in tuning and therefore we do not offer maps that smoke and all our customised maps are kept within safe tolorences of your vehicle.

We offer no generic maps, all of our remaps are custom built based around the original file on your ECU and are tuned to suite your needs.  

Looking for more economy? More power? Hardcut/popcorn limiter? Launch control? Pop and bang over run?  Maps to help track performance or for more low down torque for towing?  

So how do we keep our maps so cheap?  PNP Autofix are not using slave machines tied to one mapping company.  Owen writes some of the maps himself and others he uses proven independant map writers to help get the best out of the vehicle.  This means we can keep our price affordable starting at just £180 for an OBD map and £240 for a bench map.

" data-mce-href="">What does a hardcut or pocorn limiter sound like?